Students Accessing Digital Learning Tools in the Classroom


Educational Technology

The Unit 4 Educational Technology Department is committed to delivering the technological means required to create learning environments and deliver curriculum so all students are able to create, communicate, collaborate and apply critical thinking skills for success in a diverse and dynamic world.

We have installed a robust state of the art wireless network in all of our buildings that allows all 10,000 students and 2,000 staff to access online resources anywhere at anytime.  A team of 7 technicians support and maintain our wide area network connecting 21 buildings, over 50 servers, 3000 chromebooks, 1000 iPads, and 5000 PC’s.  

A team of 5 Educational Technology coaches support the integration of technology into the classroom.  They work with teachers individually and in groups to maximize teaching and learning potential.  They start with the goal of student learning and then work to find ways to best integrate technology.  Using the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) standards as a guide for students, teachers and administrators they focus on best practices in the classroom and in the building.  

We maintain the core beliefs that all students should have equitable access to technology resources across the district and that all students are capable of being successful using tools that will support their learning while a student here in Unit 4 and in their post secondary career.